Renaissance, 2017

‘Renaissance’ takes its influence from the concept of the ‘renovation’ of Jim Thompson Home Furnishings Showroom. The notion of transformations and perspectives that will change as a cause of this refurbishment.

Similarly to the transformation the showroom recently underwent, ‘Renaissance’ explores a similar concept of renewal. Colorful fabrics used to construct the birds are remnant pieces of our silk or off-cuts of the fabrics from the Leo de Janeiro collection which was launched in January 2017. Though this design process, they are given new life.

The brief was given by Jim Thompson was to design something that would complement the new architectural feature in the showroom whilst adding life and reflecting the brand’s core values and heritage.
The birds featured in the installation all have beautiful, suspecious meaning symbolical to the opening of the new showroom. A pair of Toucans, monogamous birds represent commitment and trust. Two blue South East Asian Forest Magpies which in Thailand symbolizes the bearers of good news and luck. The star of the five birds is the ‘Phoenix’, a mythical bird that signifies the rebirth.
Using a melange of lustrous Silk, matt Linen and Cotton fabrics to create dimentional installation and giving what would have been unused fabrics a new life/ purpose whilst also sculpturing Jim Thompson’s fabrics into a powerful visual statement.

Technique: Mix media
Material: Silk, Linen and Cotton
Size: 5.50m x 2.50m