A Project in collaborations with KAFBO; an environmental friendly Cat’s Product made from corrugated paper.

“PRISM” collection based on the interpretation of the nature of prism when light refracted to and created an effect of color spectrum, that were used as color variation of ropes and hammocks. Prism is not only attractive in design but also a functional pet home; easy to assemble, adjustable length, durable to suit with an eco-lifestyle. “PRISM” collection included corrugated paper cat home with 100% cotton hammock and a set of Cat toy.

To be more sustainable and responsible to the environment, the off-cut fabric from the hammock has been used to create another new value to the product, “PRISM” Cat toys. The Cat toy set comes in simple geometric shapes filled with catnip which will be your cat new favorites.

– PRISM home size : L52 x W63 x H44.5 cm ;
100% Cotton Canvas Hammock : L48.5 x W4.85 cm

  • PRISM Cat Toy box set size: 37 x 5 x 95.5 cm